And Not “Ethiopia Invades Somalia with Green Light from US”


keith harmon snow



A short but pointed barb on KPFK yesterday about the US invasion of Somalia and the whiteout in the US press:





This was a well-planned US military operation, not an Ethiopian invasion given the green light by the US but a US invasion backed by Ethiopian troops. Covert ops and private military companies set the stage for months and—given the past five or six years of US covert forces training Ethiopian troops in Ethiopia in “counter-terrorism” (and we all know what that means) —for years.


Sudan has been under attack by different means: "humanitarian" war.


But US covert ops and private military companies are certainly involved in Sudan too.


Imagine that there is absolutely no US military presence in Sudan—and Darfur—as the media says. What an irresponsible belief!


For example: check out this private military company --


The mission of this private bunch of terrorists called ATS Worldwide is to go in and destabilize a region (country) in advance of—or to support follow-on missions in support of—the U.S. military and governmental agencies…


"We've executed our operation in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sudan, Central and South America. We work primarily for the U.S. government in conjunction with the private sector or companies."


Consisting of ex-military personnel, special ops, the purpose of ATS is to "make it easier on the military to contract out and train these forces in order to deploy them in hot spots throughout the world" including, perhaps, "denied areas" like Somalia, or even Darfur, where it is not politically acceptable for U.S. regular forces to operate, until that is, a crisis of suitable proportions can be engineered to allow some form of military intervention.


Save Darfur, indeed.