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These two young men were captured by Congolese soldiers in the Kahuzi Beiga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I was on a mission with these Congolese soldiers. The soldiers pillaged their village -- I was standing right there -- and the poorest people in the world were made poorer...

I want to tell the world this story... because I cannot get it into the mainstream "news" and the photos will not be shown there... I want you to know about the western interests behind this war, about the huge deceptions of it, about the hidden agendas of the National Geographic and the New York Times...about George Bush and Bill Clinton and their connections to mining operations in Congo...

Read the Africa stories on this site. keith's most recent expose -- Hotel Rwanda: Hollywood and the Holocaust in Central Africa -- is a must read for anyone concerned about democracy, truth, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Keep an eye on this site for keith's upcoming expose: KING KONG.


Congolese Soldiers
Congolese Soldiers

Third Project Censored Award

Breaking through the corporate media silence on genocide in Ethiopia, keith's reportage titled "State terror in Ethiopia- another secret war for oil?" has won keith his third Project Censored award. Published in World War 4 Report, Issue 97, April 2004, and then in Z Magazine in June 2004, "State Terror in Ethiopia" was chosen for the #24 story on Project Censored's list of Top 25 Censored News Stories of 2004-05. The story will be published in Project Censored's annual yearbook of undercovered news, Censored 2006.

Congolese Girl Amidst War

Displacement in the Congo

Bebiche is one of hundreds of internally displaced persons forced to flee warfare in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. There is no way to return home to the provinces of North and South Kivu and Orientale (Ituri). War and insecurity continue to destabilize the region. Countless women and girls in DRC have been brutalized by unprecedented sexual violence, and they have no options for existence but to pursue survival sex, but the subject of rape and war in Congo remains almost totally off the agenda for the American mass media.

keith is working to raise the public consciousness about what is happening in Central Africa, and to try to alleviate the suffering, and to identify and manifest concrete actions to help Bebiche and so many thousands of people like her. Please read the Africa reports on this site.

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above: On the set of the Washington Opera Company with Placido Domingo, Erwin Schrott, Robert Pomakov and choreographer Sara Erde for the spring 2003 production of Don Giovanni.

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All Things Pass: the investigations, journalism and photography of keith harmon snow.

Please explore this site, enjoy the hard work, and learn how you can get involved to help mitigate suffering and build a better world. Discover the myriad ways that you might engage in an apprenticeship with keith, build and experience a custom designed international adventure program of integrity, education and service, or participate in an exploratory expedition that would change your life forever.

African Community

The war by western petroleum corporations against the Ogoni tribe and other indigenous people of the Niger River Delta continues unabated in southern Nigeria. Read about the murder of Ogoni leader Ken Saro Wiwa and the repression against the indigenous minorities of the Niger River Delta. Also see keith's biographical sketch titled Ken Saro-Wiwa (1941-1995), Ogoni, and the Pacification of the Tribes of the Lower Niger, published in 2005 in the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGION AND NATURE.

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