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A former member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, keith terminated his membership in 1997 after recognizing the SEJ’s compromised reporting standards and ethics. He has written on issues of population; public health; technology; wildlife; natural resource scarcity and control; eugenics; female sexual autonomy; neocolonialism; weapons proliferation; global climate mayhem; genocide; slavery; and spirituality.

He has investigated the nuclear industry; the DARE program; dictatorship and human rights; the species survival issues of rhinos, cats, primates, and crocodiles; and the political economy of the mass media. He has exposed timber and wildlife smuggling operations in Japan, USA, Philippines and Costa Rica. He was hired to investigate the suspicious death of three Latino environmentalists in Costa Rica. He actively supports the struggles of indigenous people for cultural survival, autonomy and self-determination.Contact keith harmon snow to undertake research projects or investigations. See selected investigations he has worked on below.

Selected Investigations

2004 Investigated acts of genocide and crimes against humanity committed by Ethiopian Revolutionary People’s Defense Forces (EPRDF) in southwestern Ethiopia, from southern Sudan and Kenya; interviewed refugees, published substantial report.

2004 Investigated the life and works of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in Paris, France.

1995-2004 Ongoing investigative research project examining covert operations, mining, genocide and war in Africa; heavy focus on Sudan and the Great Lakes region, esp. Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire). Attended International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda; won two Project Censored awards for reportage on Central Africa.

1995-2004 Ongoing investigative campaign assessing neocolonialism and the role of multinational corporations and mercenary companies in the West Africa. Ongoing support of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, and other indigenous struggles. Traveled to Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana and Togo (1997) studying globalization, natural resource flows and the relationships between multinational corporations and dictatorship; collected testimony on human rights atrocities; heavy focus on Nigeria.

1994-2004 Ongoing research, investigation and publications into all aspects of the nuclear power industry, including uranium mining in Africa; the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other agencies; political action campaigns; nuclear propaganda and public relations campaigns; epidemics of disease; technological issues; regulations; and next-generation nuclear technologies and their supporters.

2003 Researched global climatic mayhem and programs in environmental modification and control (ENMOD) for US military purposes.

2000 Investigated human rights, genocide and multinational control in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe; interviewed Ndebele people subjected to human rights atrocities during the genocide of the 1980’s; worked as informal elections observer during 200 national elections.

1998 Investigated the life and works of Johan Wolfgang von Goethe in Europe.

1996 Investigated the suspicious death of three Latino environmentalists who had been leading a major public protest campaign to stop the Stone Container Corporation plans to build a massive wood chip mill in the pristine Golfo Dolce, Costa Rica; contracted by Friends of the Earth, USA.

1993-1994 Researched and reported on the role of Japanese Zaibatsu (trading companies) in the devastation of tropical and temperate forests and the concomitant human rights abuses against indigenous peoples; particular attention on Sarawak, Malaysia, and the plight of the indigenous Penan.

1993 Broke a major story about the smuggling of endangered species in Japan, involving Japanese nationals apprehended by Department of Fish & Wildlife special agents in the USA (but released without repercussions) during an illegal wildlife sting operation in the USA. Worked the story with Newsweek, Japan, who purchased the story, and then killed it.

1993 Researched and evaluated ecotourism, conservation and development issues affecting the Underground River National Park, on the island of Palawan, Philippines, as an independent contractor, for the Department of Environment and Natural and Resources, Government of the Philippines.

1986-1988 Scientific investigations in microwave and millimeter-wave technologies for electromagnetic radar, communications and weapons platforms for GE Aerospace Electronics Laboratory; worked with NASA, US government, and industry partners; four research publications in the journals of the IEEE.

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