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Custom Programs and Expeditions

One of the greatest gifts I can offer is to help you organize and complete the educational expedition or custom program of your dreams. Whether working with an inspired individual, a group of students, a family, or team of corporate professionals, I relish the opportunity to help you create and live a custom expedition or program. Doing so enables me to develop unique and inventive itineraries, applying the creative process and years of experience in all aspects of travel adventure to working directly to conceive and build programs from the ground up, programs that will integrate the needs, goals and interests of the participants.

Where do you want to go?

I have traveled and explored some of the most remote and harsh natural and urban environments on earth. Exploring the extreme climatic, geographical, political and cultural diversity of rainforest, desert, mountain, island and urban landscapes, these pilgrimages have brought me into contact with countless difficulties and challenges, and unexpected hardships, and they have born incredible joys, rewards and blessings.

Through these experiences I have gained considerable knowledge about expedition planning, including all aspects of preparation and security involving travel documents; inoculations, medical supplies and treatment; provision of equipment and supplies; logistical and political considerations. I have also deconstructed the western mythologies inculcated in me by a civilization in rapid decline. My experiences with people and environments all over the world have helped me to shed layer after layer of unconsciousness, dismantle rigid and useless concepts and beliefs, for example, predicated on western technological superiority and the arrogance of humanism.

How deeply do you wish to feel?

I have gained a deep understanding and awareness of cultural factors, belief systems, religion and spirituality, and the alternative ways of being that comprise the metaphysical spaces beyond the borderless confines of the “developed” world. I have breathed and tasted and seen the realities of conflict, underdevelopment and environmental degradation, and I have gained a deep understanding of the institutionalized relationships between the developed and underdeveloped regions of the world.

Most especially, I have shared the lives and stories of diverse and uniquely autonomous people all over the planet. These infinite interactions with individuals and groups around the world have provoked the deep love and passion that drives my desire to serve others and mitigate suffering to the best of my capacity. I long to offer you an opportunity to confront and reject the xenophobia and fear that characterizes contemporary discourses, social relations and the climate of international aggressionægood intentions generally gone awryæin favor of alternative models based on humanitarian principles, higher wisdom, and systems of being that revolve around reconciliation and peace.

Poverty, population, development, hunger, human rights, international monetary systems, illicit trade in wildlife or weapons, environment, economic policies, gender inequality, refugee flows, mass media systems, international security, information technologies, waræhow do these issues and realities manifest in developing versus underdeveloped countries? What are the relationships between them? What are the local versus global repercussions of globalization? What kinds of interventions can be used to interrupt and reverse devastating practices, regulatory policies, legal instruments or entrenched customs? What wisdom do indigenous people offer, and how can we harness this wisdom to serve humanity in little or great ways?

What do you want to discover?

Dedicated to educational adventure travel that opens the minds and hearts of visitors to the realities of life of less fortunate people, and generally combining travel with a human social service element undertaken in the host country, I am available to share my insights and wisdom to guide and achieve a respectful negotiation of an alternative culture or a remote landscape, to offer you an opportunity to help empower your self, other people and communities, to experience a healthy and reinvigorating communion with the earth, and a rediscovery of the deeper self.

Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss expedition planning or support, to contract me for consultations on cultural or political realities, or for my direct expeditionary leadership or involvement. My unique experience will be invaluable for anyone considering a plunge into unfamiliar earth territory, or anyone wanting a custom expedition geared toward their personal interests and exploration capacity in pursuit of discovering their greater humanity, compassion and consciousness.

Travel & Expedition Experience

A former rock- and ice-climber trained in the Adirondack and White Mountains of New York and New England, keith’s mountaineering experience includes ascents of Mount Rainier (free-climbing without ropes), Imja Tse (Island Peak, 5100 meters), and Mount Kilimandjaro, and he has climbed Mount Fuji and Mount Washington in winter conditions.

An experienced and long-distance swimmer, keith has made over 130 ocean dives (uncertified) in the murky great-white waters off the coast of New England. He has swum with dolphins in the channel off Catalina Island, and in the Indian Ocean off Kizimkazi, Zanzibar, and he has explored the karst taverns and underground river of Palawan, in the Philippines.

Traveling by mountain bike, entirely self-supported, keith has completed extended tours in Alaska, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Portugal, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Zaire (DR Congo), Zambia, Zanzibar and Zimbabwe. His mountain bike trek through Korea (1990) entered the heavily militarized “demilitarized zone” (DMZ), and ended amidst the May, 1990, pro-democracy student protestsæand government repressionæagainst the dictatorship of General Roh Tae-woo. While living in Japan he cycled through much of northern Honshu, and around the northern island of Hokkaido.

Traveling by mountain bike he crossed the Indian subcontinent from Calcutta to Bombay, circuiting through the Himalayas of Sikkim, and the “terai” of southern Nepal. He was in Bombay when Rajiv Ghandi was assassinated (1991) and in Moslem Gujurat at the start of the first Gulf War. He entered Zaire by mountain bike during the reign of Mobutu Sese Seko, and circuited through remote but heavily soldiered areas of North Kivu and Ituri provinces.

In the United States, keith has led extended bicycle camping tours for groups of teenagers.

To gain an understanding of the ecological and ethnological importance of forests, keith has explored the temperate and tropical rainforests of Alaska, Canada, Costa Rica, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Tanzania, Thailand and Zaire (DR Congo).

In 2000 keith traveled by mountain bike across Zambia and, combined with travel by dugout canoe, down the remote western leg of the Zambezi river, near the border of conflict-ridden Angola. He went on in 2000 to complete mountain bike treks in extremely isolated regions of East Africa: through the remote Maasai territories south of Lake Natron, Tanzania; through the Samburu district of Kenya; into the Chalbi desert and on to Lake Turkanaæall during severe periods of drought and famine.

Again, please contact keith directly for information about designing your custom expedition, about expedition planning, support or participation.

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